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Author of Memorable Python, Memorable Pandas Memorable SQL, and Memorable Docker
Data Science Lead Instructor with General Assembly
Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer
Co-organizer of Data Science DC, the largest Washington, DC data science Meetup

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I am a writer, instructor, and consultant who helps people and organizations learn data science and make data-driven decisions.

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More Projects

Python wrapper for the libraries.io API - A Python package for interacting with the libraries.io API to subscribe to open source project updates and get information about packages and repos.

Web scraping, data analysis, and data visualization - Uses requests, BeautifulSoup, pandas, and seaborn to scrape and prepare New Belgium beer ratings. An interactive Tableau dashboard is available here for visualization.

Python package for nbconvert - A wrapper that allows you to easily convert a Jupyter Notebook to an HTML file or Python script from inside your Python program.

Web scraping, data analysis, and data visualization - Uses requests, BeautifulSoup, pandas, and seaborn to scrape and analyze American Ninja Warrior data.

Financial backtesting with ShillerPE and moving average models - Shows how hard it is to buy low and sell high.

Time series forecasting with Prophet and pandas - An exploration of Prophet for time-series forecasting with flight data.

Fun Facts

In 2012, I co-founded Rebel Desk, an ecommerce company that sold a treadmill that goes under a standing desk. It allows you to walk while you work, so you can be healthier, happier, and more productive.

I'm based in Washington, DC and into hiking, biking, ultimate frisbee, basketball, reading, and fun!

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